Nuts & Nails specializes in all carpentry works for both the domestic and commercial sectors within Melbourne and surrounding areas. We ensure that all domestic structural work complies with the Australian Standards, AS 1684: Residential timber-framed construction. Our ability to maintain a high standard of quality workmanship is achieved through our attention to detail and the strong work ethic of our personal.

We do not discriminate on the size of a job but rather aim to meet the individual needs of our clients. These needs may vary from minor repairs or property maintenance, to new frame construction and project management.

We offer a No Obligation FREE Consultation and Quote, in which we provide a fixed price as well as any requested advice in relation to designated works.

Our carpentry services are inclusive but not limited to:

  • New Frames and Joinery
  • Extensions
  • Weatherboard Upgrades
  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Partitions
  • Carports & Gazebos
  • Fascia Replacements
  • Pergolas & Balconies
  • Architraves & Skirting’s
  • Window Replacements
  • Picket Fences
  • Color bond & Polycarbonate Roofing
  • Fixing
  • Interior Finishing
  • Sub-Floor Repairs
  • Insurance Work