Timber flooring is a product that can significantly enhance the appearance, comfort, and value of one’s property. It is one of the more versatile types of flooring as there is such a large range of timber products which can be utilized. Different finishes also vary and consist of but are not limited to oils, stains and paints. Timber that is sourced from sustainably managed forests is also better for the environment, as it is in essence a renewable natural resource.

At Nuts & Nails we specialize in the supply and installation of both solid timber strip flooring, and floating floors.

Solid Timber Strip Flooring

There are a number of different types of timber strip flooring. Some of the most popular selections have included.

  • Jarrah
  • Tasmanian Oak
  • Merbau
  • Spotted Gum
  • Cedar
  • Ironwood
  • Black butt
  • Generally available sizes include 60mm, 80mm, 130mm and 180mm wide; at 14mm or 19mm thick.

    There are also varying installation methods, which include both secret nailing and face nailing. Fixing applications include direct nailing to joists over bearers, to battens over a concrete slab, or to plywood over concrete or joists.

    Floating Floor

    Floating floors can be either timber or laminate and are able to be laid over existing floors. Timber floating floors are made of a layer of soft of hard wood which is glued to high density fiberboard. Floating floors are an excellent alternative to timber strip flooring as they can be a lot more cost effective while still maintaining a great finish.