Period Restorations

Melbourne is a city that consists of a vast array of different styles of period homes. In order to successfully restore one of these homes it is primarily essential to have an understanding of the historical era in which the home was originally built, and the architecture that is characterized by that historical era. Below is a short summary of the historical periods that characterize classical Melbourne architecture.

Victorian 1850 – 1900
Victorian style homes constituted a number of different intricate and extravagant styles. In harmonizing and contrasting combinations varying colors were used, on many occasions to place emphasis on elaborate plaster detailing or dress up unadorned spaces. Wood graining, marbling, and stencilling were also very popular.

Federation 1900 – 1905
A core characteristic of Australia’s Federation architecture was the nationwide popularity of terracotta-tiled roofs. Common tastes moved away from Victorian elaboration towards more simple forms of decoration, and bays, tunnels, and towers, all became popular. Blue color schemes were also a choice for many Australians as a symbolic celebration of their nation’s great achievement.

Edwardian 1906 – 1919
The shift towards simpler styled homes was continued in the Edwardian era, which is characterized by red brick and roughcast homes. The typical Edwardian home interior saw the use of dark stained wood which was used to provide a contrast with soft pastel walls. Apricots, creams, greys, pinks, aqua, and browns, were all popular color schemes. Ceilings also tended to be a lot simpler than they were in the past and were often painted off-white unlike the extravagant color schemes of the Victorian era.

Between the Wars 1919 – 1939
There were a number varying architectural styles that were present between the wars each having their own unique approach to presentation. Two common styles seen throughout Melbourne were the Californian bungalow and the Spanish mission style. Furthermore there was a move away from the restraint of the Edwardian decorative, with a move towards the more vibrant colonial colors.

Restoring a period home is thus very different to renovating a house or apartment. It can pose numerous challenges varying from unforeseen structural defects to difficulty in finding rare mouldings. At Nuts & Nails our trades people have both the necessary skills in craftsmanship, and extensive knowledge in the varying features that characterize homes built in any of the above eras. Whether you are looking to revamp the interior of your home, remerge its facade or cladding, replace damaged mouldings, fixings, or fittings, or simply restore the home to its original form, our experienced team can assist you in achieving desired objectives.